The Glorious Blog was started after a supernatural encounter, where Jesus Christ instructed Prophet Raindolf Owusu to begin a blog that will allow him to share his experiences on how the Lord has led him in ministry and to preach about Jesus Christ.


Raindolf Owusu is an entrepreneur with a strong prophetic unction. He is passionate about God and souls. Evangelism or soul winning is a major part of his ministry. In the year 2017, Raindolf became a member of Word Faith Chapel and in the year 2018, he was charged to lead the evangelism team. Three years later, God, through Apostle Joseph Kwadwo Yeboah, his father in the Lord, asked that Raindolf be commissioned to start a branch of the church (WFC) in the Oyarifa enclave. The church is now two years old.  

He operates with a strong prophetic unction and has a deliverance and evangelistic ministry. Raindolf continues to run a software company, alongside ministry.

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