This story started in 2015, but dates back to 2005/2006, when Dhruv Madhok met Dhruv Bhasin through a mutual friend. Old friends Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin met at Dhruv Madhok's wedding in 2015. At that time, Dhruv Madhok noticed that Dhruv Bhasin was wearing hairspray and decided to ask Dhruv Bhasin if he was concerned about hair loss. Bhasin replied that it was not so. Because of the cream she applied, it is a homemade flaxseed product. Dhruv Madhok, who was fascinated with the product, told Dhruv Bhasin to give him 2 bottles. Dhruv Bhasin did. Dhruv Madhok found that the product worked well and called Bhasin two days later to discuss the marketability of the product. The birth of hairspray is quite interesting. Before vegetarianism came to India, Dhruv Bhasin's mother was a vegetarian and used to make products that were not available in the store. Dhruv Bhasin's mother once told her son not to apply gel to his hair, but he refused to listen to her and asked her to find a natural alternative. After some desk research, he found the formula to make hairspray. The gel is water-based, a product of flaxseed, so it is harmless and completely natural. When Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok began researching what natural gels were on the market, they were shocked by the results. They found that the gel contained alcohol, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, etc. They are not limited to styling products, these chemicals are also used in shampoos, toothpastes, facial cleansers, body lotions, etc. This is the moment when they realize that there is an opportunity because brands that claim to be organic or Ayurvedic use these chemicals in their products. Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok have two basic observations. The first is the lack of transparency and honesty in the ecosystem, as these companies disclose 5% of the ingredients and label them as key ingredients. The second is that they realize that they have the opportunity to produce truly clean products at a third or a quarter of the price of imported products.


Dhruv Madhok believes that Ayurveda has completed its cycle. Ayurveda has existed since the beginning. There are different companies introducing Ayurveda to the Indian market, but the lack of honesty and transparency, price points, and the lack of non-Ayurvedic personal care products are the crux of the paper they put forward when the business first launched in 2018. Before the full transition to the beauty care field trade. When asked why her mother was not the co-founder, she replied: “She would avoid working with me, but on the other hand, she was actually very happy that Madhok and I did it on her behalf. It started For what you care about and care about, it has now become a brand, it has become a product, and it has brought us considerable success. Hairspray has been our best-selling product so far in history, and has made So many. Happy people in the ecosystem, they use hair spray, so she is happy that we have created success for her." Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin listed their products and their website on Amazon and Nykaa. During that time, only they and one other person helped them complete everything from labeling to transportation. A small amount of income started to flow in and Dhruvs started actively reaching out to angel investors because they all wanted to invest full time, and DSG Group provided the verification they were looking for.

The product has a shelf life of about 7 days before decay, so Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin embarked on a journey to find a beautician or Ayurvedic doctor to help them improve the fragrance, stability, viscosity, texture, etc. The product. They wrote cold emails to people on LinkedIn, and some of them responded. However, they hired someone who had the same idea as them, namely not using synthetic materials. Flax seeds are retained as the main ingredient and products are made around them. When asked about the impact of Covid on them, Bhasin mentioned: "Compared with the month before Covid, our income has increased by 4 times. We will not attribute all the credit to the virus, but it gives us forward And really start to climb the required motivation. I think this is a mix of things. At the macro level, these people want to make more purchases online. This is a structural shift from offline shopping to online shopping. We are prepared for this scale in the trajectory, we have integrated the infrastructure in our team, our marketing channels, our capabilities in marketing, CRM, retention. I think Madhok and I define luck as preparation for chance encounters. We were prepared for that moment, which helped us achieve 4 or 5 times the income before the pandemic. " Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin intend to use the Series A funds actively participating in the market to launch more products, strengthen the team, increase visibility, conduct more research and development and expand distribution. Arata is inspired at The Body Shop because they are a conscious brand because they recycle plastic and do not use their products on animals, also because they are vegan and cruelty free.