Everyone likes to go out and earn a living in a unique "you" way. We are curious to maintain our sentiment through entrepreneurship and what doors it will open for us. However, as the pandemic has spread around the world, the focus on entrepreneurship is no longer out of sheer curiosity. People need other ways of working and living, whatever they want. In addition, we are increasingly seeing that traditional career planning methods are not as golden as we imagine.

The old road is shattered and the new road now

In the past, most people followed what I called the 45-year plan. You go to school, develop a skill or trade, and then find a job with a company. If you're lucky you'll be working there for decades, only to retire, but (hopefully) rich enough to maintain your lifestyle and happiness. But now, the pandemic has intensified a number of problems that already exist in our world. There are layoffs and cuts in almost every industry. With the decline of individual companies, the way we usually think and do business has also become outdated. Before, we used face-to-face business to complete transactions with a cup of coffee and a handshake, but now we are transforming into a digital society. This change has its challenges. But it also provides amazing opportunities in which entrepreneurship stands out.


Many elements have created a perfect storm and made our entrepreneurial spirit more mature. We are no longer bound by the office; we can work and collaborate more globally than ever before, and we see wages stagnating as costs rise. We have new ways to connect with the public to understand what they want or need. Covid19 is like the last straw. When millions of people were unemployed and saw new opportunities presented by the virus crisis, the pandemic prompted thousands of potential entrepreneurs to finally devote themselves to their businesses. The number of new companies in the United States has soared from 3.5 million in 2019 to 4.4 million in 2020. The increase was 24%, more than that of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) or any other country in the G20.

Why entrepreneurship is a great approach

For years, financial gurus have advocated that people will be fine as long as they deposit in the right account and make a small investment through a diversified portfolio. They consider assets like social security and pensions, and believe that as debt decreases, purchasing power will increase with your life. Most people are beginning to understand that traditional councils will not keep them safe, much less let them lead. For most workers, it is unrealistic to retire comfortably from traditional jobs. For all of this to work, multiple sources of income are increasingly needed to provide supplemental income. There are more options than ever to passively bring cash, for example affiliate advertising. But with an entrepreneurial spirit, your income stream is likely to grow with your business over time. You can learn real skills and meet great people who can guide you. You can be your own boss and there is no limit to the number of ideas you can contribute to everyone. It provides you with a real foundation. With the rapid development of entrepreneurship, online buying and selling has skyrocketed; the pandemic has further accelerated this process. Although many people are not fully committed to shopping online for their daily necessities, the numbers will not lie; this has become the norm. Online entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits of sales commissions in an unprecedented way. These days, there are more options for working with reputable companies. However, the first reason that entrepreneurship is the right approach is that it enables you to positively influence others. Not only can you earn money, but you can also help others overcome obstacles they encounter and improve their quality of life.

I have always believed that we are here to make a positive impact on others, and the best way to ensure your happiness and success is to help others achieve these goals for yourself in the first place. Helping others discover different ways to support themselves financially can have a positive and empowering ripple effect. If you are the only one who has been successful, then success is not true success. Entrepreneurship is one of the only options for winning team sports; it's the best way to see the big picture and make the world brighter. There is no question that these are difficult times. We need a new emergency plan that we can trust and provide us with an economic safety net. We need to be more flexible because the world is showing us how fast change is. The most important thing is to help others as we help ourselves. Entrepreneurship provides or enables all of these things. So if you want satisfaction and security, take the good ideas you have and implement them. By working hard, investing in your concept will prepare you for the future.