Sally Schimko, founder of The Tahini Goddess, said: “If you told me 10 years ago that I was going to start a company in the food industry, I would laugh.” But now, Schimko laughs at herself because she can’t believe how many people, including children. , Has become obsessed with eating more vegetables. This was Schimko's main goal when he first launched his blog and Instagram page called "My Sexy Vegetables". His vision is to make all vegetables “sexy and attractive” by soaking or preparing all vegetables with his homemade sugar-free tahini products, and to teach others not to be afraid of “good fats”. was born and raised in Israel. She served as a base commander's office manager in the military for two years. She moved to Miami, Florida in 2010 because of her husband's business. Before that, she liked to travel and study culture, and her family was her top priority. In the first year of living in Miami, Schimko had his first son, Ethan, who has been most picky about food from the day he was born. From breast milk to packaged food, her young son is very picky about everything. "Ethan inspired me to enter the kitchen and make my own food because it was something they gave me when I was a kid, even though I never learned how to make it," Schimko said. "This is how I started." Schimko grew up in tahini and halva as a child. She explained: "Israeli tahini is like American peanut butter, halva is Mediterranean cookie dough!"

"Schimko sourced the most buttery and sweet 100% Humera sesame seeds"

On her blog, Schimko shared recipes and photos of how she let her son (and husband!) eat so many vegetables, and her audience asked how she did it. Schimko told them that few people like to eat steamed or roasted broccoli or cauliflower, or even olive oil and salt, but if you put tahini in it, it's delicious! His friend agreed, but the problem is that the tahini sauce currently on the market does not taste very good because it is not made in Israel-it is machined in the United States. Schimko likes to show people how to have so many types and flavors of food and vegetables through his social platform. This is the specific reason why he developed different flavors-people can dip vegetables in many different flavors and sprinkle them on salads and bowls to make eating fun! So, even though it was launched one month before the start of the Covid19 pandemic in February 2020, how does the tahini goddess product stand out from the products already on the market and help Schimko grow its business quickly? Quality, transparency, taste and supply. Schimko purchases the sweetest and creamiest 100% Humera sesame seeds from the fertile soil of Ethiopia, and gives priority to the production of handmade mills in Israel. In the United States, most sesame paste is made with modern machinery, which makes sesame and sesame paste more difficult to digest, because sesame and sesame shells will eventually become finished products. From a business perspective, if the company gets stuck with sesame peels, they will fill the container faster instead of using as many high-quality ingredients (sesame) as possible. As a result, many jars and bottles have a large chunk of pasta at the bottom and a lot of oil on the top. Schimko explained how oil separation occurs, but tahini should not be mushy, not if it does not contain sesame skins.


"Schimko dedicated much of her time to sharing easy and delicious recipes"

Tahini also has many health benefits, from anti-inflammatory properties to calcium, essential vitamins and minerals that fully support your health, but only if the seeds are roasted at a low temperature. Otherwise, most of the nutrients in this delicious "good fat" dressing, spread and dip will be lost. "My clients really noticed the difference and helped spread the word through recommendations and word of mouth," said Schimko. As word spread, Schimko spent a lot of time sharing simple and delicious recipes, even working and homeschooling moms during the pandemic had time to prepare. She focuses on five ingredients or less, and I can do everything myself. In what she called "simple cooking," she explained that a food processor was not needed. By following the tips below, you quickly and organically increased your social engagement:

1: Prioritize and respond to customers. Schimko Many questions, DMS, commented, and would take it in one night, giving priority to respond to everyone and everything, and that's right! If she has a question about the preparation and concerns about the product, she participated in the client it and republish the recipe, beauty, fitness and tips personal lifestyle for health, shared Mom as shared.

2: attractive photos and videos are used. While she may use words and write recipes, food is best expressed in photography and simple demonstrations. Schimko occupies "how" the "how" is comparable to the Ig page it attracts "the secret of the secret" to "Tahini Cookies double chocolate and gluten-free, vegan and gluten-free".

3: You are only doing the "highlighted reel" mediated by society. There are many photos, special effects and editing applications on social networks, and Schimko tried to avoid excess "filtering". While she published a happy, fun recipe, she does not feel overwhelmed like a mother who is not working between pandemics, or she does not feel like she had used her emotions, shared it again. "My morning routine and walking on the beach is trying to try to share in realist and share as my stress reliefs," Schimko, others, especially entrepreneurs businessmen.

4: Schimko understands that she begins her business, especially the mother who works among the pandemics, because all are difficult, she complements her favorite beauty products and her and her Tahini and Sugarfree Halva, will share other female companies of fantasy. For example, the osatroyo Labishino bread and the @EATONHEMP hemp seeds are two of Schimko's favorite products. The cross promotion between the founders of women with companies and real messages supported the following faithful growth.

"I feel so fortunate to have launched and grown so quickly"

Now entering 2021, Tahini Goddess has partnered with two major national retailers to distribute its tahini series for the fall, which has nine sweet and savory flavors, from pesto to Za`atar to Tzatziki to spicy peppers. Even chocolate and peanut butter. There are six unsweetened halva flavors, the best sellers are coffee halva, chocolate chip halva and cinnamon halva. "I am fortunate to be able to launch and develop so quickly, the challenge now will be to expand growth and keep up with the pace of manufacturing," Schimko said. "The most important thing is that I want to continue to encourage others to eat vegetables and show that a healthy lifestyle and the right diet can be delicious." After all, if you can make Mediterranean cookie dough a healthy, guilt-free and resistant Inflammatory food, then almost everything is possible.