According to KPMG's research of more than 230 buyers, 12% of sellers are excellent, 23% of sellers are good, 38% of sellers are average, and 27% of sellers are very poor. Therefore, if you are involved in sales, you have an 88% chance of learning one or two things from Brian Cristiano. Brian is the sales expert and CEO of BOLD Worldwide. BOLD Worldwide is an advertising and consulting agency that has helped many well-known brands transform, including: Pepsi, UFC gym, Orangetheory Fitness, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodri Gus and the New York Mets. Even more impressive is that Brian started his career without connections and money. At the age of 16, he picked up the camera, taught himself to shoot, and made a skateboard video that sold for more than $40,000. Today, he trained some of the most successful figures in business and told the audience how they succeeded on a personal and business level.

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