For video game lovers, there is a special day to celebrate them on August 29. To this end, many companies have launched special products or little blinks to match the transition of the company with the culture of the player. This is how Burger King turned a hamburger into a game controller. This week Burger King released the Burger Joystick controller, which is made from Whopper (the iconic fast food hamburger) and potatoes. Without a doubt, this is one of the most creative tributes.

Is burger control effective? Surprisingly. According to the Merca portal, Burger King uses the MakeyMakey technology, which is similar to the circuit board used in any traditional video game controller, but has one peculiarity: the alligator clip can close the circuit that executes the command. In fact, this kind of cuisine has become very popular because people can take almost any object and turn it into a service product. Basically, this is what Mr. Potatohead looks like in real life. Sadly, Burger King didn't share the actual working controller, which means they didn't show us how the burger joystick works. However, the promotional image includes playback instructions.

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