Sona Bahri is an expert in integrating the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other holistic techniques into the modern world. She is an international meditation and yoga instructor, Reiki teacher, holistic consultant and life coach, certified corporate health professional, and entrepreneur. As the owner and founder of Artisan Farmacy, she helps clients improve their health, career and life by cultivating effective methods to deal with stress, reduce tension, and optimize sleep; thus increasing energy, concentration, creativity and success. Over the past seven years, he has researched many ancient holistic tools for healing and self-care (meditation and mindfulness, yoga and anatomy therapy, nutrition and Ayurveda, relaxation techniques, Reiki, etc.) with excellent teachers throughout the United States. and India. / Energy principle, etc.), Tibet, Nepal and Spain. Sona is also a meditation guide and consultant for the meditation app, available on Apple and the Google App Store, where you can view her videos on demand and join interactive sessions in real time. This virtual learning platform is designed for corporate health; it motivates the team to increase productivity, reduce stress, and enhance creativity and innovation.